Every foreign language teacher knows that we all struggle to keep our programs supported by our schools and communities. This page provides information to keep teachers informed about ongoing changes in government and school policies that affect foreign language. 


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We would like to recognize our first "95" AR Biliteracy Award student recipients! On May 11th, 2017, Tricia, Kristen, & 2 students (1 from SHS and one from HarBer High) will represent our initiative at the AR Board of Education mtg in Little Rock, so try to watch the live streaming!! After we hear the results, we can proceed with our plan to move towards obtaining the AR Seal of Biliteracy. Thanks, everyone, for your partnership and hard work this year. Please spread the good news & continue promoting the benefits of biliteracy with your students & colleagues! 

PS-Special THANKS to:
-Judy Hobson, for ordering, purchasing, & delivering the certificate folders.
-All members who reviewed the applications & submitting feedback on the scoring rubric.
-Tricia, for your assistance getting us on the AR Board of Ed Agenda
-Luis, for printing the awards and translating the student release form for the upcoming press release.
-Kristen & Ellen, for your countless hours encouraging over 100 students to submit applications. 
-Special thanks to Will Davis for finalizing the application criteria, designing the website, & spending hours reviewing and organizing the applications with me.

Need to contact our advocacy committee?

Courtney Cochran:

Will Davis:



This document was compiled by the Bureau of Legislative Research in Little Rock during research for ISP 2011-119. It shows what Arkansas public colleges require in foreign language for graduation. This is not an entrance requirement, but rather a degree requirement.

Requirements for College Degrees

The link below will take you to documents that lists all of the information that was posted at the last  meeting for ISP 2011-119. It includes testimony from various people in relation to the importance of learning and teaching languages to students.

Education Subcommittee Meeting Minutes

This article describes a meeting of the House Higher Education Sub-committee regarding the scholarship issue.  

Education Sub-committe Article


An article with optional questions for students to answer that talks about the necessity of FL study in today's society.

Importance Report
Report Quiz

If you would like to use the quiz with your students and access the answers you can access the answer grid by going to this document.

Answer Grid

Interesting book excerpt about helping our students to become "citizens of the world" by promoting foreign language education.

Challenging the Whole Child: Best Practices in Learning