As of fall, 2015, all funding sources for travel and professional development programs for AFLTA members has been consolidated into one Professional Grants Funding Program! Proposals will be accepted for any amount, up to a maximum of $1000, for activities such as:
  • Conference Attendance or Travel - AFLTA, ACTFL, CSCTFL, SCOLT
  • Study Abroad - to enhance language proficiency of an AFLTA member
  • Professional Development - seminars, webinars, WL professional workshops, WL assessment activities
  • Other approved professional development activity in world languages
This will allow for flexibility of the AFLTA membership to apply for and demonstrate need for funding for a number of approved activities described within these guidelines. The purpose is to encourage AFLTA members to participate in professional development activities that will enhance language teaching and learning. All materials must be submitted by September 1.  Please direct all questions and submit supporting documents to:

AFLTA Guidelines & Rubric- PD Grants .pdf AFLTA Guidelines & Rubric- PD Grants .pdf
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