Below you will find links that other teachers have found useful.

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Other Spanish Teachers Web Sites (really good) (also really good! may be blocked at school...stupid.)

As a note, all of these sites are free! (some may cost for upgrades)

Tools for Making/Editing Videos free and awesome! create video presentations using slides, photos and images (go watch the demo - it's neat!)

Lesson Plans - Language tons of activities for practicing Spanish awesome site with ton's of free printables and resources (geared for children but adaptable for H.S.) a collaborative story site where you type in words in response to the directions given and a story is created (ok but not the best) (really rich!) spanish proficiency exercises includes listening and speaking - pretty good! standards based thematic units (only one free) help for spanish teachers with developing content for classes a online listening based learning program for Spanish for free!! Includes tests interactive story site advanced (really cool) classic children's books in Spanish a listing of lesson plans for Spanish teachers really cool site that allows you to read entire children's books from many different countries including illustrations! - grammar practice -a site that provides information for studying, practicing, teaching and practicing Spanish

Lesson Plans - Culture The World Food Programme website which shares info and lesson plans about teaching students about hunger in the world a worksheet to go along with the movie "El Norte" which deals with immigration lesson plan for teaching latin dance (really rich!) photos of places in Spain with captions great site that gives a TON of info! really nice site all about diego rivera - has video and everything! many lesson ideas about teaching culture you can compare and contrast what it would be like to live in different countries. (really cool!) - authentic culture

Tutorials/Help/Teaching Suggestions gives detailed instructions on how to embed anything into your website!!!!!! really great for tech tips and advice community of language teachers sharing resources and tips tons of great resources! helps teacher's learn how to create a webcast educational presentations and demonstrations about using technology search Intercom the CASLS publication - REALLY USEFUL!!!!!!

Neat Tools for Awesome Websites download tons of cool fonts for free (my fav. font site) this is the site that I used to create all of my super cool flash stuff (it's really easy to use and super fun!) *It's a favorite create an avatar with your voice! Really good for students to use as a homework assignment. site for creating buttons and text for your web page (works really well)

Research and Project Tools a mashup site that gives you wikipedia information with photos, videos and comments allows you to conduct internet searches by flipping through images of each page instead of just looking at site names (sweet!) gives you the ability to create time lines that are really cool looking using photos and images you type in a phrase and it finds images to represent words in your phrase. (kind of fun) an online word processor for free that works really well a really good translator a dictionary for languages as well as quizzes and more cool site that allows teachers to create web quests and worksheets on line and then monitor what students do as well as have students create "web poster" for different projects (really cool and kinda fun!) rubrics not necessarily that useful for foreign language teachers but really cool! A visual dictionary. glogster for education! a site that gives you info kind of like wikipedia but better with more options and more abilities

Presentation Tools presentation maker that allows you to zoom into portions of the presentation (hard to explain but go see the demo) (pretty neat!) you can create slide shows with sound and a drawing capability (it's kind of hard to explain but you should definitely go here) another web-based slide show program

ESL Lessons great source of ESL stuff (much could be converted for Spanish use)

Miscellaneous Cool Tools shorten website addresses when sharing information (very easy and useful!) allows you to create your own motivational posters you type in a word and it generates an image using the word - kind of hard to explain but really neat allows you to create a ebook for free (pretty neat stuff) another ebook publishing site site with a ton of cool tools like a customizable spinner - turn a pdf into an html file

Free Images and Image Editing free images! free online image editing - very detailed use similar to photoshop but free!!!! you can find images using flickr and then add speech bubbles to them a site that allows you to take photos and manipulate them for free - no login required! (my favorite) place where you can find real pics from around the world free images pics of Mexican road signs blow up anything into a huge poster another big poster maker site

Podcasting/Blogging Tools a super cool site that allows you to create slide shows using content you upload and then record voice by phoning it in - no computer mic. needed! - great for students without microphones at home gives you and students the ability to create an online journal/notebook

Real-time Collaboration shows a sketch in real time - could be used for notes (it's as though someone were video taping you while you wrote on a whiteboard)

Games for the Classroom Super long list of games for ESL/EFL or FL classrooms - (one of my favs) allows you to make jeopardy games without all the hassle of powerpoint cool customizeable flash games

Website Creators create a blog, website, or school site with tons of options as to what you add - you can also monitor grades and participation if you host an online class (pretty nice) this is where you can create a website just like mine (with a little work of course) free web-site making - easy to use

Free Videos for Teaching all your fav school house rock videos for free (not any language ones unless you need to cover basic grammar in English but still neat) site with tons of videos for use in education - free! a place where you can find all sorts of educational videos uploaded by teachers just like you a site with tons of educational videos just for teachers for free!

Organizational Tools make a pretty neat homepage for all of your fav. sites

Study Tools and Quiz and Worksheet Generators another flashcard making site allows you to create embeddable quizzes that look really professional allows you to make portable pocket organizers - pretty neato a flashcard generator that works really well a site that allows teachers to create on-line tests and quizzes that sends scores to the teacher through e-mail a really cool site that allows teachers to make flashcards for their students and then the site automatically makes games to go with the flashcards (super easy!) really great site that allows students to take quizzes and practice and allows the teacher to monitor what each student does site that allows you to create worksheets, quizzes and flashcards (kind of confusing but decent) a bunch of tools for creating games and other stuff another site for creating games and worksheets a lesson plan generator (not my favorite; kind of a pain) tools to help you make sure you are meeting your states standards with your lessons test generator that grades and then e-mails the grades to you (simple but good!) a site for online flashcards (better than others because allows for class creation and student monitoring)

Blogs really great blog about new tech for teachers (I got some of my links from here) updated regularly a blog all about free technology sites for teachers a blog that has tons of stuff about using technology in teaching

SmartBoards free program to use with digital projectors and whiteboards OMG!!!! You can make a smartboard for $40 bucks! Go watch this video about a guy who did it and see how to do it yourself - really amazing! more software that can be used with the wii white board

Virtual Fieldtrips a SUPER cool site that allows you to search for and view virtual panoramas of cities and famous sites check out the temple of the warriors below - they are embeddable!!!! create virtual tours around the world using maps and images from the web (seems pretty awesome!)

Comic Creators allows you to create your own comic strip (really good) comic strip creator web site easy to use and pretty good results

Web Quests Spanish speaking country webquest trip to Spain webquest (good) &searchfield=descrip&search=Search SDSU Database a few different Spanish web quests for different levels a web quest travel to Spain a more advanced quest (all in Spanish) web quest over Mayan, Aztec and Incan civilizations Day of the Dead (really good) another Day of the Dead Day of the Dead web quest about Mexico Spanish in the U.S. web quest Spanish Civil War web quest tons of great quests (really good) search site for web quests

Really Good Practice with Video and/or Sound if you click on the "Spanish Christmas Dinner" link it's really great! interactive website for all levels of Spanish (it might even be helpful for teachers practice)(really good)