I have something I want to share. How do I do it?

We will be happy to post information, forms, directions, etc. to any event to which the entire state is invited and reasonably expected to come. Relevant information must be of interest to everyone in the state or must be news that other members would like to hear about.

On the AFLTA website, our primary mission is to communicate news and events that are occurring in the state organization. Each district and AAT is asked to maintain its own website (or wiki) with contact information for officers, board members, and other members in key roles, along with district- (or AAT-) specific events like the fall conferences, national exams, etc., and information unique to each district for the spring festivals—we will be happy to host all of the documents that are common across the state on the AFLTA site.

 Where do I send news, and what are you looking for?

We welcome all news that is of interest to the state. Ideally, we’d like to get short articles or announcements that are un-formatted but otherwise ready-to-print. Please send documents in .doc, .docx, or .rtf formats, pictures are welcome in jpeg (.jpg) format, or you can contact us if you have other file types, and we’ll figure out a way to work with you.

Where does District Conference and Festival Information go?

At this time, the AFLTA site will refer all information about district conferences (and spring festivals) back to each district's individual website or wiki. We strongly urge each district to bring its website and/or wiki up to date. We will include dates, times, contact information, and addresses above the link to the district web site or wiki.

How often is the site updated?

Maintenance will be performed no more than once a week. Please send any updates, forms, and information by Sunday at midnight and updates will be performed some time during the week. Please check information carefully, and make sure you send the correct info, documents, etc. If you miss the deadline or send the wrong attachments, it’s unlikely that the site will be updated until the following week. All submissions will include a `submitted by' line, and people will be encouraged to contact you with questions. Please help ensure the accuracy of the information on the site by double-checking everything before you submit.

What if I want to add events to the calendar, post a lesson plan or idea, or contribute some other way to the AFLTA site?

We welcome all submissions and suggestions. If you have an event, lesson plan or idea, or other information you would like to make available to the members of AFLTA, please forward that information to the email address, below.

Submit email to the AFLTA Communications Director

Please include contact information, including your name, street address, email address, and the name of the institution where you teach with all submissions. We now have the ability to host large picture, audio, video, and other multimedia files, and we would love to post them on the site but by sending files for inclusion on the AFLTA site, you are acknowledging that you own them, have permission to publish them, or you have obtained permission to use copyrighted material.